Are the echoes
Of our inner self
Unveiled they show the truth to us

I stand in front of it to see
To see how true I am
Tell me oh dear

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13 Responses

  1. Brought a smile in me...
    Gud one..!!


  2. Yellow Tulip Says:

    wow...very nice...:)..loved it dear:)..reminds me of snowwhite's story:)..keep penning:)

  3. sawan Says:

    Aarthi, enchanting!!

  4. Mirrors do not lie.A nice verse
    Thanks arthi for visiting my blog and for the comments

  5. Vyshu Says:

    wow very nice one..!

  6. Creativity!! Says:

    Woww :) So Sweet Beautiful Poem :D Very Well Expressed :D Great Blog :D

  7. Navicorn Says:

    similar tastes.. ve a look at my blog too :)

    ur template is sooooooooooo sweet

  8. Aditya Says:

    If words are water, your poem is a river.

    Beautiful poem :)

  9. aMaR..!! Says:

    Every word seems to be coming out of your love dipped soul..!!Amazing..!!