Yes, it was...

The first time we spoke,
There was something strange I felt,
Something magical transpiring in the air,
Was this love?
No, not then...

Your eyes reminded me of a dream,
A dream that I saw long ago,
I wished someone would hold my hand,
And prayed that he'd never go,
Was this love?
No, not then...

You brought back the love,
You brought in the hope,
You asked me to hold on,
And promised that you'll never go...
Was this love?
Yes, it was...

With every little piece of music,
I construed an image of ours,
Holding hands, Loving endlessly,
Growing old in your arms...
Was this love?
Yes, it was...

Today I feel,
No words are left,
I want you to read my eyes,
And feel the bright twinkle in them,
Is this love?
Yes, it is...

I sense revival,
I feel your love,
I feel thy blessings,
I want to be yours forever now...
Is this love?

Hey people, am sorry for such a random one. I have practically tried to write after ages. There are bound to be lots and lots of mistakes in this one. But, you can consider this an ice-breaker! :)

Take me with you...

Tonight its a starry one
I gaze at the sky
Some voices I hear
As I look for them, they disappear

Is that your voice that I heard?
Will you call me again?
I promise never to go away
In your arms
I will surrender and stay

I have cried inside
Have stabbed myself
Over and over again
I beg you, my life
Give me one more chance

Take me with you
To heaven or to hell
For one last time
Bless me again

Love me one more time
I would be the happiest in the world
For then I would know
Truly, the magic of love.

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Happy Festival of Lights

Lights, lights and more of them around
Sweets, savouries and the cracker sound
Every happy heart greeting another one
With a smile on their face
Singing a happy song

Prayers and fun
Crackers even in the sun
Waiting for the night
When there will be all light

My wishes for you
Will always be true
Happy Diwali
To your family and You

May Happiness Prevail
And Blessings Galore
May all sorrows disappear
Begin it anew with this hope...

Wish each one of you a very happy, prosperous and a safe Diwali. Have fun!


My eyes say it all
You knew it all through them
I never needed words
To tell you
What I felt

Today there are tears
And my eyes seem to blur
The vision you saw in them
Today and then

You say
You don't understand
For once I feel
It all has failed

My eyes
That once spoke to you
Today has multitudes of emotions
But all in vain

Why is what I want to know
To know what made you so
What made you love me like this
And then, just leave me and go...

A Standing Testimony

You saw a dream
A beautiful one at that
I changed it all
And shattered it with my wrath

It hurts you
When you see me this way
May be this was meant to be
And we had to part ways

My love for you
Was true and pure
And for once my future
To me now seems obscure

Oh baby, I know
Our love is still alive
Its in you, its in me
And will always be
A Standing Testimony.

I Wish I Could Tell You...

I wish I could tell you
What you mean to me

My world revolves around you

Just as yours around me.

I know you are hurt

And that hurts me too

To hear the pain in your voice

I know your love is true.

You always told me

How happy and lucky you felt

You had her by your side

And rest everything was dealt.

Now you are shattered

To have been stranded alone

Thinking about the past

And love forlorn.

Just to tell you

I am there around

Bestow your faith in me

And it will be love , lost and found!

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Are the echoes
Of our inner self
Unveiled they show the truth to us

I stand in front of it to see
To see how true I am
Tell me oh dear

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