A Standing Testimony

You saw a dream
A beautiful one at that
I changed it all
And shattered it with my wrath

It hurts you
When you see me this way
May be this was meant to be
And we had to part ways

My love for you
Was true and pure
And for once my future
To me now seems obscure

Oh baby, I know
Our love is still alive
Its in you, its in me
And will always be
A Standing Testimony.
8 Responses
  1. Cursed♪♫ Says:

    just came across your blog. i love your poems. they are lovely! keep writing :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey Artz, this is beautiful re..
    sad.. but beautiful...

    don't feel like this.. love doesn't die easily...

    obscure future? that can become better. be strong and continue to think positive! all will be ok! :)

  3. Yellow Tulip Says:

    beautiful dear...parting :(..sad but love never dies:).. y obscure future?...

    take care dear:)...heart touchingly versed:)

  4. Vinz Says:

    The simple concept of love staying alive even after lovers parting ways is presented beautifully over here..!!

    loved it..!!

  5. More than the content I like the way you express.There is an elegance in implicity with an unimpeded flow of words.
    It is heartening to note that love is still alive and hopefully return with greater intensity

  6. Anonymous Says:

    God bless you babe and give you want !!

  7. jiths Says:

    nice one.. loving while leaving..!