Yes, it was...

The first time we spoke,
There was something strange I felt,
Something magical transpiring in the air,
Was this love?
No, not then...

Your eyes reminded me of a dream,
A dream that I saw long ago,
I wished someone would hold my hand,
And prayed that he'd never go,
Was this love?
No, not then...

You brought back the love,
You brought in the hope,
You asked me to hold on,
And promised that you'll never go...
Was this love?
Yes, it was...

With every little piece of music,
I construed an image of ours,
Holding hands, Loving endlessly,
Growing old in your arms...
Was this love?
Yes, it was...

Today I feel,
No words are left,
I want you to read my eyes,
And feel the bright twinkle in them,
Is this love?
Yes, it is...

I sense revival,
I feel your love,
I feel thy blessings,
I want to be yours forever now...
Is this love?

Hey people, am sorry for such a random one. I have practically tried to write after ages. There are bound to be lots and lots of mistakes in this one. But, you can consider this an ice-breaker! :)
4 Responses
  1. chirag Says:

    romantic and touching poem
    i liked this a lot

  2. UnhingeD Says:

    loved it... seriously its koooool

  3. hey nice work.. hmm nyx from house of night series??

  4. Rakesh Kumar Says:

    Liked your presentation.
    I am also from Ghaziabad.

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    visit mine also.